Hi there and welcome to Sara McCarthy Designs.  I am so happy you stopped by.

I think the seeds for SMD were planted when I held my first crayon.  I have always been artistic...doodling is one of my favorite pastimes and it would drive my teachers nuts when I was drawing in class.  I've always had a love for all things crafty as well...my studio space is a sight to see!  And not just because it is utter chaos, but because it maps my creative journey.  I have dabbled in everything from sewing and quilting, to knitting, to paper crafts and scrap-booking, creating felt stuffies, drawing, painting...oh I could go on and on.  I just enjoy creating things and when those things make people smile, it truly adds an extra layer of love to my creative endeavors.

Owning my own creative business has been a long time dream.  In high school my best friend and I would spend countless hours drawing.  By the end of one summer I had quite the collection of hand-drawn cards.  Tutu, my best friend's grandmother, paid me one dollar for one of my illustrated cards.  I was consumed by awe and sheer joy in that moment and I knew then and there that creating pieces of art that made people happy, and that I could possibly make a dollar or two from too, was exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

So here we are.  Sara McCarthy Designs.

Sara McCarthy Designs specializes in custom graphic design work.  It would be my pleasure to work with you to create promotional business products, custom cards and announcements, or digital illustrations to make your work endeavors, special event, and home as lovely as possible.